User specific page access (solved)

I would like to make certain pages restricted to one or more logged in users. What is the simplest way to do this?

Hi @roddi,

Check this out. I think it might help.

Requiring login? (SOLVED)

Thanks @ryanck ,

Need it to be specific to only one (or a specific list) of users rather than anyone who is logged on. Here is what I came up with:

All content is in a container (group A) that is not visible on page load.

When page is loaded and when current user’s email is not go to page index

When page is loaded and when current user’s email is show group A

Can do for one user or a list of users. It’s a bit manual but works.



That’s how I would do it too.

If the list of users who should have access to a page is quite long or if you need to limit or grant access to several pages, I would add one or more boolean (yes/no) fields to the user database and use that to control access (if current user’s administration field is yes, then show the visible element / if no, navigate to index page).

I’m curious if anyone has other thoughts on this.


Nice. I also added the following to the page HTML header to keep the page out of SERPS.

Another option:
When Page is loaded and (Current User isn’t logged in or CurrentUser’s belongsToGroup1 is “no”): Go to page index
When User is logged out: Go to page index