User to User email

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Is there a way to create a user to user email option? I am creating a marketplace that allows users to create profiles but would like the ability for app visitors to be able to contact the people who have made listings.

Currently I have created a form that uses the standard send email functionality but that email comes from a ‘noreply’ bubble email. Id like a user to be able to reply to an email that they have received. Is there a way to allow someone to contact another user through their emails or custom generated emails?

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Check the box

Check out my templates for marketplace apps of freelancers…there is a built in messenger system that allows users to send a message to a user direct from their listing page, and then when in the messenger system at the top of the conversation message list is a link to the listing page as well.

I also have this set up in a template for messaging only with the premise being a marketplace app for products

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