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I’m trying to debug a weird issue in my app:

So, my app has posts which are articles. And each post has a Writer which is a user.

Now, on the Post’s page - I’m trying to add that user to another table with a workflow, but it doesn’t work, the user is not added.

On the debugger I see that the Post’s Writer is empty, see here:


This post’s page loads fine and I double checked the Writer field for that post and it’s populated with a user.
I also tried playing with the privacy settings and made all users data accessible to all users - didn’t help.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


Hi there, @fish… with regard to privacy, you only mentioned users. Is there any chance that a privacy rule on the Post data type is prohibiting a post and its associated data from being seen by any user who isn’t the post’s creator?


Thanks @mikeloc !

Yes, you are right, I opened the posts datatype to everyone and now it works.

However, that revealed a slightly more complicated problem that I need to solve:

My app has writers and readers (both are users) and, I need all user’s information to be kept private.
The posts datatype also has privacy rule that prevents anyone from seeing the writer of the post.

In the User datatype, I created an “Approved_Users” field which is a list of Users that are allowed to view that user’s details.

Desired functionality:
If a reader likes an article and wants to be able to view the writer’s profile, that reader can request approval - Which should let that writer vet the reader (by viewing his/her profile first) and then if the writer approves, the reader will be able to see the writer’s profile too (Tinder-like network).

The problem is that on the post’s page, when the reader clicks on “Get Approved By Writer” my workflow needs to add that Current User (reader) to that Post Writer’s Approved_Users" list.
But, I’m not able to do this because the post writer field is private.

I hope that’s not too confusing.

And that someone can help me… :slight_smile:

Anyone? :roll_eyes:

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