Using a code as login

new user- may be a silly question

I’m wanting to use a 4 digit code for users to log in with. I want something similar to the login plugin but users can just use a code. Additionally, signing up- what would be the easiest way to get a code - I think it would be best for users to be able to chose one.

Thanks so much!!!

you mean - no email/username, just a 4 digit code to identify user?
or you mean - still email/username + 4 digit code as the password?

If it is a login code, I would use this to generate a string, and I would assign it as a code [SOLVED] Assign random # to a thing

I’m sorry but as a user - i wouldn’t use such system/webapp, even if it was just for displaying funny images with cats.

I agree, I would use that system for order codes, make it alphanumeric, and make a 6 digit order code, it’s good enough.

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