Using a page with readable URL - Helps SEO?

Hello there bubblers!

Just, re-thinking that few parts of my APP. I did for few “services” specific pages. The reason was to make sure google’s algorithm would take the SEO description from the page (the one when you click on the page)

Now, as my skills with bubble have improved, was wondering if…

Doing only 1 page, for every service with “readable URL” that would be just added into the database, would be “indexed” by Google

As an example

Having only one-page “service type”

And afterward, by platform, I add 2 services types
a) At home
b) At work

Would Google index
and as two different pages?

Anyone with experience to share about this case scenario? I had great results doing one page per service. But more services are coming, and I’m afraid will be a heavy page to carry plus 100 services…

Any comment is welcome!

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Hello there, anyone with experience on this?

Pls @josh / @emmanuel could you drop some ideas in the post?

Thank y’all!! :slight_smile:

Yes, both URLs will be indexed by Google IF the crawler finds it. Bubble is hard to crawl for bots though because of a lack of internal links but that can be solved (somewhat) by having a sitemap with all your pages. Those pages hwever won’t show up in the default bubble sitemap. So what you can do is generate a page with a plain list of URLs of all your items like the examples you mentioned and use that as a sitemap for Google.

I don’t know how to get rid of the “11111111111x1111111111111” part though, that would be nice :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, good luck!

@gxjansen I don’t know but it sounds that google wouldn’t like as much your link as other not containing the bubble’s unique id (“123456x987654”) in your url…

I haven’t seen any person close to bubble to say something about this neither. Would be great if someone could show up to say something

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anyone with something to add to this? @NigelG @romanmg ? :slight_smile:

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Hello there, Anyone that could help with this? I need to make a decision for moving many “index pages” to just a one page with readable URL and I don’t want to loose any SEO ranking…
Please @emmanuel if you could just drop few lines about the matter would be great

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