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Using AppText for changing languages in the app interface

I used App Text for most text in my app with the idea that I could easily change the text with the user’s language (e.g. App Text (Next)). I then created a translation for a different language in Settings > Language.

However, the App Text only corresponds to English. If I create a workflow to change the AppLang to something else, even if there was a translation for the relevant App Text, it gives out the English translation. I used two steps: Make Changes to User… and Refresh the Page (see picture).

The language remains in English even if I change the primary language of the entire app. If I force the language change from the url (e.g. “?lang=finnish”) it provides (no translation) to the texts containing App Text.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to use the translations I wrote in Settings > Language?

Thank you for any help.


same here

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