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Using Bubble with Jasonette

Hey all, have you checked out Jasonette? It looks like a really cool solution to building real mobile apps, and I’ve followed it’s growth the past couple of months since it launched on Product Hunt. It requires you to write some JSON, which is pretty dang simple, and it uses native Objective-C and Java code to execute your JSON. I’ve got a separate project going to build a visual editor for the JSON construction, but that’s a different topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I was checking here to see if anybody had any interest in tinkering with building a Jasonette mobile app that leveraged their Bubble backend. I’ve got a few other things on my plate first, so I thought I’d post the idea here for any enterprising individuals in the community that might have more free time to tinker.

I would love to see how connecting Jasonette to Bubble backend works as well.

I saw this medium post …

And though very much the same :slight_smile:

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Working on it. I’m experimenting with Jasonette for a mobile only project right now, but I plan to use it with my current Bubble project. I’ll report back soonish!

Awesome! So many fantastic things going on!

Hey Adrien,

Any update on this? It would be cool to see Jasonette work with BubbleA

Have you discovered many things you can share?

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An update to Jasonette, the people over Jasonette released a web container for wrapping up website in JSON using their API to make it look native, I think this is really cool and there many possibilities that you can connect with to make the app look native on the mobile phone.

Please check out for more information.

@potentialthings What do you think about this?

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It’s useful, but web views are always going to be less performant than native components. Making things look native and making things run like native are definitely two different things.

I don’t know how many projects my company has seen where the client comes to us with a hybrid app and need it built in native technologies, it’s just too significant of a jump for serious applications.

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