Using dynamic image as background, but Bubble says "dynamic data in text boxes must be printable as text"

Hey Bubblers,

I’m encountering an issue where I’m referencing an image, but Bubble seems to want text.

I have tried this two ways:

  1. Using the image as the background of the group
  2. Inserting an image into the group

Both ways, I get an error that says “dynamic data in text boxes must be printable as text.” This doesn’t make sense to me, because the field is supposed to be an image.

Please share any ides! Here’s a screenshot:

What is Image in your app?

A Custom Datatype? An Option Set?

In any case, an image element needs a valid image (not an Image)

So, whatever the Image datatype is in your app, I’m guess there is an image field on it… so just use that as the image source.

Thanks for the reply!

This screenshot is using a data type called Ads that has a list of Images as one field, hence why I’m using the first item in the list. Each Ad has multiple Images.

I have another data type called Image, and I get the same error when I do the search the other way (search for Image with Ad ID = current Ad’s ID).

You nailed it, thank you.

Here’s what worked: