Using intersect in privacy settings?

Hi folks, I’m trying to set up privacy in my forum app so users can only see each others’ details if they’re part of the same forum (called a Set). IE so if the current user is part of one set, and another user is part of that same set, they can see each other.

The ideal logic would be “If current user’s sets joined intersects this user’s sets joined…” but intersect isn’t an option here. Any help on a workaround?

My experience with privacy rules is that they do not work with look ups.

Try using your expressions with the data type direct content … example: When current user’s paid is “yes” (where the user data-type has a field called “paid” of type yes/no)

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That’s helpful, thank you. Guess I’ll have to do some workaround with data types, I’ll do some experiments.

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