Using "Progress Bar" plugin to display file upload progress

Hey, is it possible to use the Progress Bar plugin to display the progress of a file upload when using the built-in “File Uploader” widget?

I know when you upload a file, the blue bar at the top of the page simulates the page is loading, would it be possible to grab the percentage of that bar and use it as a piece of dynamic data?


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Not natively, but @AliFarahat has this that you can try: Snippets and Code

Thanks, but how would I implement something like this into my app?

I upload significant volumes of files…big part of my app…progress in terms of % etc is crucial… here is an alternative New Plugin - Progress Bars Pro

Hey thanks for the alternative but at the moment, I’m trying to do as much as possible without paying for plugins because this is just something i’m doing as a hobby. Thanks!

Here is an example

and thanks for the mention @romanmg, by the way how you been?


Hey sorry for the late reply, been busy with other things. That example link you sent appears to not work, it’s returning “Sorry, this page could not be found!”?

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hai @AliFarahat
how can i implement the snippet to show the progress bar for file upload. the demo app seems unavailable.


Still no solution yet?