Using Regex to Extract Data from JSON object

Based on this problem also posted in the forum, How would I be able to extract each value on each key returned?

Here’s a run javascript code to log the return from the plugin created:

Here’s the result of the js code:

The sample log statement is as follows: {orderId: 'SAMPLE', actualOrderId: 'SAMPLE', campaign: 'SAMPLE', orderStatus: 'SAMPLE', orderType: 'SAMPLE', …}
I want to get the values in the return and put it on my db:

The RegEx is as follows: /\"orderId\"\s*:\s*\"([^\"]+)\"/
But the values I’m getting is empty. Either my RegEx is wrong or I’m using it wrong.

What is the correct RegEx to this problem, or better yet, is this even the right approach to solve it?

You can also use this plugin Bubble Back End Utilities using the JSON path filter action to filter the value.

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This plugin is unbelievably handy. Thank you!

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