Using states to check if someone Is subscribed via Apple subscription

Long story short, how does this work? So I have the BDK, I offer an in app subscription to my online learning platform, how would I set this up so only users who are logged and currently have a paid subscription can view the content on the app?

Any reading or help would be great!

Thank you

Hello @ssraje16

  • Setup your dB model to mark subscribers as needed
  • Build conditionality to restrict access
  • Add privacy rules

Many ways to do the above. In the specific case you describe … a very simple way to do this could be to:

  • Add a yes/no field to your user data-type > Paid? … When they pay update this field to “yes”
  • Restrict page load based on current user paid “yes” and “loggedin”


  • Add privacy rules. Please review below for illustrative purposes (in the overall scheme of how your app’s dB is setup this one may not apply):

Hope this helps a bit! :+1:

Thank you so much for this! It seems a lot more straightforward than I had in my head!

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