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UX/UI designer available for Partnership and internship roles

Hi bubblers,

My name is Ayaz and I’m a UX/UI designer. I just came across the bubble platform and found it interesting. I would like to add the skill of Bubble (UI designing only) in my skill set.

But I found the UI part of the bubble very challenging. I can design any UI in figma, xd or even in photoshop but struggles with bubble.

So if you need a UX/UI partner for your project or runs an agency who is looking for a UI intern I would like to offer my service in exchange of your guidance.

I’m open to any discussion, let me know if you are interested.

Here’s my portfolio outside the bubble:



You can import and link a figma design in to bubble.

I have tried this way but the efficiency of figma to bubble isn’t good enough to go. For example i had a figma page which i was trying to bring in bubble. Most of the elements turn into image specially groups were merged.

@ayazinium welcome to the forum!

You are right about the Figma integration. This video shows the problem with it:

As for designing in Bubble, there are folks that are showing how to use Bubble to achieve stunning designs @nomorecode @gregjohnkeegan

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Thanks @cmarchan i’ll look at this resource. If you have more stuff like that, please do recommend.

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