Value should be a number and right now is a text

Hello this error happens to me in to ocation: input yes/no and input numer, even though the field of the data is save in that way

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Your Input “number of guests” need to be a NUMBER. It seems to be a text. As well as your dropdown, I presume it is also a text.

Can you share these input’s setup?

Input needs to be type Integer

Dropdown is just text for “yes” and “no” so you can just do "Input Dropdown’s value is “Yes” so it evaluates to a proper Bubble “yes” when your dropdown is “Yes”

Here they are!


Sorry i didn’t get you

So, as expected, both inputs are TEXT type.

To fix your input “number of guest” is simple, just change its content format to number.


To fix your dropdown it is going to be a little different. You will need to change the way you are saving the information in you database. Think that a YES/NO field is always an answer of a specific question. So, in the moment you are saving the result of your form, instead of link the value of your dropdown directly, you will do this:

Can you attend = Input Dropdown's value is yes

See if it works.

Thanks a lot !

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