Variable Fonts Plugin

Hi All,

I was recently reading up on variable fonts, and I was wondering if there were any plugins or native methods for implementing variable fonts within bubble?

If not, does anyone know a tool where you can experiment with variable fonts and download as a standard CSS file ,once the desired presets are known.


Do you mean to add custom fonts that are not google fonts available on Bubble fonts list?

So variable fonts are highly customisable, but they are not the same as custom fonts. The best demonstration of this is the following:

Actually this is not native, but I guess a plugin can append the css to make this possible and link to variable fonts.For what I know, there’s none available.

You can also use header to use them I guess.

For anyone else that who may be interested, Font Gauntlet in Dinamo Darkroom has a static font converter.

Not 100% sure if this does exactly what would be needed to work with bubble as I haven’t used it yet but it sounds likely.