Version control - replace version

Think maybe am being dumb, but is there a way to just sync the development version to another version.

Not merge changes but make sure it is identical?

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I tried merging my alt to development with the panel but the page kept crashing and by the time I finally got it to work and resolved all issues I’m the panel, I was still met with 150+ issues in the error checker.

I gave up, deleted the alt entirely, and then just created a new version from main.

Did you figure this out? I want to do the same. when I “sync/merge” i get 500 errors and my app is all screwed up. I just want to push my branch to the main and have it be identical to the branch.

No, I asked @nick.carroll but never got a reply.

Had precisely this situation a few days ago, with lots of merge errors that should not have been there. It has also taken 2 hours to do a merge on a single change.

Delete the alt and recreate. But annoying that it will then change the branch name.

Hey ho. It is better than it was. But it is still a worry each time I need to merge.

What do you mean by delete the alt and recreate?

agree with this, there needs to be an easy way to sync the main branch! It’s so weird how merge doesn’t bring over all the changes from a branch.