Video Filtering For Unwanted Content

Looking for suggestions! I am creating an app that will allow users to upload their own video. On a small scale, I can moderate this type of thing myself for illegal videos or unwanted videos (porn for example).

But what about at scale? Is there a plugin or API that would help with flagging content automatically?

Why dont you use a disclaimer and have your own users report unwanted videos? Youtube does the same.

I dont think there is a service that will filter unwanted videos from your platform.

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I suppose that is the best way forward. You can’t keep everything from being seen by everyone, but you hope that the userbase flags things fast enough for you.

If your app generate thumbnails form the videos, you could use that one to detect and filter explicit, suggestive, adult, pornographic, NSFW or violent content within a JPEG or PNG image URL, provided as input.

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