Video fragments

Hello bForum bubblers.
I’ve seen some truly great and detailed answers to others’ problems here, and hoping for another as I feel I have some complex video player requirements.

I’m seeking a solution where my app’s pages each streams a 90 second video which the player/app/me splits up into 6 x 15 second media fragments.
Fragment 1 = 00:00:00:00 to 00:00:15:00
Fragment 2 = 00:00:16:00 to 00:00:30:00
Fragment 3 = 00:00:31:00 to 00:00:45:00

These are shown as sections in a timeline below the player. The playhead would start at 0:00, but the viewer can choose which fragments to watch and which to skip. This would occur via six corresponding on/off toggle buttons in the timeline.

If it’s toggle button is selected, the video player plays this fragment, if it’s button is not selected, the video player skips this fragment in the timeline. Ideally, despite any skipped fragments chosen, playback of the video is still smooth and uninterrupted.

Unlike video chapters which skip to play instantly when selected, if the viewer selects another fragment while the current one is playing, I’d like the current fragment to finish before playing, in order, the next selected fragment. Similar to when adding songs to a queue in a playlist while listening. For each viewer logged in, I’d also like the viewer’s toggle states to be saved and apply to the video in every page they visit.

For example:
If while selected fragment 1 is playing, the viewer deselects the buttons for fragment 2, 3 and 5, the player will complete playing fragment 1, then skip fragments 2, and 3, and play fragment 4. Then if the viewer navigates to another page, only fragments 1 and 4 will play as the toggle button selection remains.

In addition, I would also like the viewer to be able to see the playhead filling the timeline, so the toggled off fragments, played fragments, and remaining video duration are visible. Please see a visual representation of this example here, where 1 has been played, 2 and 3 were turned off and skipped (like turning off elements in Bubble or layers in Photoshop), and the playhead is almost through fragment 4:


Could all of this be achieved? Would it be better to split the video into its fragments in the edit suite rather than having the player or app do it? Where would be best for the videos to be hosted? Although no existing video player could perform this functionality, which player would be most suited. Does all of this make sense?

Thank you!

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