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[VIDEO] How to succeed with a Startup


Nice to see stuff like this posted. 99% of forum posts are on app building, which is only the first step in building a business. Note that Bubble has recently created an “Entrepreneurship” category in the forum to hold advice like this.

Some great points by Altman and he’s a legend. One thing that strikes me though is that he’s wholly focused on a narrow and unusual type of outcome – getting incredibly big very fast – which is a binary outcome of a rare few succeeding and everyone else failing.

There’s also a middle ground which O’Reilly talks about in this article which is longish but a great read…

I’d be very interested in hearing perspectives of others who have launched their apps and are going through this journey.


That’s an interesting article you brought up for discussion. I would describe myself as someone who wanted hockey stick, SV style growth but it quickly became apparent to me that strategy does not work for all products.

Our current strategy has been iterative, but more of a slow burn as the idea and implementation evolve to market fit. I think for many applications, hockeystick is what gets them to where they need to go. But sometimes results and testimonials take months or even a year or two to fully develop. That means growth to a complete product looks different.

Many people who live by one singular type of startups would probably consider the slower growth a failure and leave the marketspace. But sometimes you have to stick with something for a while in order to properly “figure it out”.

I’ve really appreciated bubble in the technology portion of the startup process. Quicker build times and less engineering staff means that a lower customerbase can support MVP, v1, etc ideas before rubber hits the road. I think that can be a very good thing if you are committed to seeing the process out.

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