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Hello all-

I am wondering if there is a way to view a pdf, sign/or fill out said PDF and save it back to my app inside of bubble.

My use case is:

Representative uploads a document with instructions for his/her client to sign and/or fill out said document (usually a PDF). Client would be able to view PDF and add text/signature (just like adobe).

Any idea if this is possible with bubble?


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Hey, did you find a solution?

Oh man… There are lots and lots of e-signature APIs and I’ve messed around with several of them (Adobe Sign, Docusign, eSign Genie and maybe one or two others HelloSugb, perhaps?). All are a bit problematic — honestly Adobe is the easiest tech-wise to deal with but their pricing is around 10x what a low-volume HelloSign or Docusign API account would cost.).

Last I looked at this, Docusign was not a terrible option, but their OAuth authentication was not entirely Bubble-friendly. I may have been doing something wrong, but I ran into a problem with keeping tokens alive.

I built a helper app for Docusign V2 API that can get you bootstrapped into the API (not a full featured plug-in, but I think you can find this as a free thing in the marketplace and fork/copy my app if you’ve a mind to mess around)…

Look for docusign-v2-api-helper

You can run it here and see what it does:

There used to be a plug-in for Docusign previous API version, but that’s long ago deprecated.

I’d be interested to hear about ANY e-signature APIs that folks have recently implemented in Bubble that are (1) Bubble API Connector friendly and (2) cost effective-ish in low volume.

I thought some time ago that this would be a really hot topic but I almost never see folks discussing e-signature solutions here. Go figure…


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