Viewport Responsive Height - A Quick Rant

Alright, before I begin I’d like first to say - I love Bubble. I’m a very visual person, and this has made web development so much easier and more fun for me. Thank you for all your hard work with it.

That said, I would like to bring up a topic that has been discussed quite a bit on the bubble forums, and that is - responsive height.

Responsive height, and resizing pages and elements based on the user’s viewport is a NECESSITY in web development. Centering elements vertically based on viewport height as well. The fact that this has been a requested feature for years, and it is STILL not implemented is extremely disappointing. I know that it is easily possible, because there are paid plugins that do this very thing. But as a No-Code ‘Responsive’ web designer, bubble needs to have this feature available to it’s users natively, and not require them to purchase it. I realize that one of your biggest plugin designers makes quite a bit of money off of their plugin that does this very thing, but honestly that shouldn’t matter. This should have been something y’all implemented a long time ago, and is probably one of the biggest frustration to your users.

So in the nicest, most respectful and loving way possible - get your crap together Bubble and add this feature.


A loyal Bubble web designer


Bubble appears to have a huge UI update coming soon. This is from photos the community has found so nothing is 100% confirmed for it to come any time soon but there were some interesting responsive settings in the new editor look that might solve this problem too.


Interesting! Would you happen to have a link to any of the photos or discussions on it? I’d love to check it out.

took a lot of searching but I found this forum post

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Whaaaaat?! This looks incredible! It looks like they are pulling from the responsive design layout and ui of creators like Webflow, while keeping all of the other elements and feature that make bubble so unique and expansive. Everything is so crisp and clean. I love it! I even see features for resizing and positioning elements based off the viewport’s width and height! Not to mention dedicated setting for specifying internal and external margins. So stoked, this is huge!

Thanks for sharing!


What plugin can I pay for that does this? I’m seriously struggling with this and don’t mind paying at this point. @xurbiabranding

Hey Guys,

Here is a free plugin that does just that. Till at least the new editor rolls out

Watch these 2 videos to see how it works


Hey Chris, sorry for the late reply. The Hero Sizing plugin that @AliFarahat posted is the one that I currently use. However, it is a bit buggy sometimes. If you want a more refined solution, I believe @ZeroqodeSupport has a paid plugin for viewport resizing. If you’d like I can find it and post the link.

hi @xurbiabranding thanks for tagging us :slight_smile:
hey @chrismoris here is the plugin

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