Virtual Stock Exchange

Hey bubblers!
I’m trying to make a virtual stock exchange platform that works via credits and everything is going very smoothly actually. However, I’d like the stock exchange to work like the IRL one so having the price increase and decrease, depending on the request and demand. I do record transactions and have and I have an option set called TransType which is either Buy, Sell, Init or Admin. So buy transactions, sell transactions, the initial credits given to an account which depend on other categories such as inflation values and admin for actions by Administrators that can add or remove credits. Is there anyway that I could automate the increase in price of a certain virtual stock by adding a Stock element in my Transaction category, and therefore multiplying by a decimal the increase in price, on the value of transactions?
Thanks in advance

@ranieri.campello06 did you happen to get around your issue? I was contemplating an auction setup - so was thinking of this very problem.