Visual elements and containers not visible in sidebar?

Hey everyone I’m very new - I just started with the CRMY sales template and right off the bat am having difficulty. In the “UI Builder” view I can see elements, visual elements, containers, etc.

However, when I switch to the “Responsive” view, I can only see the Elements tree but nothing else. I haven’t even clicked or changed anything yet.

This is very frustrating and have spent an hour trying to figure out how to add containers etc.

Responsive view is, well, a responsive view, and its meant to preview and set and changes only responsiveness stuff such as breakpoints, hide points etc. Everything else can be created in the UI Builder. I don’t get it how this is frustrating?

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You can’t add elements in the Responsive view, it’s only for viewing. Go to UI Builder instead.

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Postpone using the template until you become more familiar with Bubble. It is a higher lift to learn Bubble along with a functional app which is what a template is.

Instead … create a new Bubble app and take YouTube lessons


Really appreciate you weighing in and recommending starting from scratch. Thank you!

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Thank you! The reason I was confused is because the UI Builder in the template looks nothing like the responsive view (screenshot below).

Thank you! Reason I was confused is because the UI Builder in the template does not look anything like the responsive view (screenshot below).