Want to move API data trough pages

I am building a Crypto portfolio management app. I want when a crypto coin to be clicked in the repeating group that shows crypto coins with Coin Market Cap API to be redirected to coin_view page that shows more info about that coin such as charts, stats, etc…

The problem I have is I do not know how to send data to the page that is set for viewing more info.

I tried to send with the classic way with Go to page > data to send > current cell’s crypto coin. But I cannot set the coin_view page type of thing to be API data.

I tried Go to page > Send More Parameters to page > current cell’s crypto coin. and then on the coin_view page Page Is Loaded > Set State on the Page > Get Data from the URL the problem I have is Get Data from the URL type of thing cannot be API data.

Does someone have any idea how it would work?

Try doing this:

  1. Use go to page action when clicking a cell in the repeating group
  2. Set the data source of the go to page action as an arbitrary text
  3. In the arbitrary text, use whatever parameter is needed to define which coin is it. Each coin has its own name or identifier like coin name or something
  4. On the page where you redirect your user, have a page load action to trigger a GET request for that specific coin. Reference the necessary API parameters to the url parameters
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Stay on the same page and work with URL parameters for navigation.