Warning - don't use the "boost capacity" for bulk operations

That’s rather disconcerting. And you verified that the field value was indeed not empty after the workflow ran?

I’ve actually had good success with recursive workflows. In fact, I built a batch processor based on recursive workflows, and it’s been working well. (I’m no longer involved with that project, so I can’t check to see if anything has changed recently.)

It was used primarily to export large data sets having complex relationships but also to create new Things based on data from other tables. It typically processed 50 - 100 entries per batch with 3-5 seconds in between batches.

One difference from your approach, however, is that I’m not using is empty as a condition. Since the batch processes had to be “reusable”, I created a Processed field of type date on the data types to be processed. That field is updated with the start time of the batch process when a Thing is processed. The data set is then filtered to include only items with a Processed time less than the running batch process’ start time.

The main issue with [complex] recursive workflows is that they can be quite difficult and tedious to troubleshoot. :confused:


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