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Hi. I just made a small page in which the user enters some details for a survey. Right now, when the user clicks on the submit button, the response is immediately added. But, what i want is that There is a warning kind of a popup which appears at the tiop of the screen which says “are you sure you want to submit” and then there are 2 button, yes and no . If the user presses the yes button, the response is added to the database and if the user presses no, then it is not added.
I want the popup to look somewhat like this:

Hi There,

Can I ask how are the users inputting their answers in your survey?
And what action do you want to see when they click “no”? (Apart from not saving data). What I mean is, do they go back to make changes on the survey page to lets say to edit something? or do you want to discard the survey completed?

@Tikka_02, There are input texts which the users are filling. Also, when the users click no , want the data not to be submitted but the user will still be allowed to edit the answers they gave and the hit submit and yes. Means , that whatever they had written does not get cleared. To discard the survey, I will have another button which says discard and that will remove all the inputed data.

Click the button that make it submit. Instead of it doing the actions there, have it “show” a popup. In that popup, make a yes or no button. The no button can trigger a “close popup” workflow, and maybe an alert saying “submission cancelled”. The “Yes” button can do what the submit button is presently doing, then close the popup and show a success alert.

The popups that you can create via the editor in bubble will be slightly different than this one.

You’ll have to create 2 popups and a button on the first popup will have to trigger the second popup

Yes, I agree with @alex.p. However, as far I know pop-ups cannot be positioned anywhere on the page. So if you to want to have it on a specific location, like the one in your image, you can use a group element which you can show when the button “submit” is clicked and hide the Group element when button “No” is clicked.
When they click “Yes”, you do the workflow of saving their answers.

You could also use a focus group. I use that for yes/no options at times.


Here you go :slight_smile:

Lets say that’s your survey input:

Create a group like this: You can place this group, where ever you want on the page

But make sure you untick “This element is visible on page load” :

Then add the below workflow: This makes sure it only shows the group when they want to save the data.

And if they click No, you just hide the Group and let your users do back and edit it:

When they click yes, you save their answers. I have just added one field just to give you an idea:

And then you can redirect them to the next page if you like. I hope this helps.

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@Tikka_02, thank you so much. This has really helped me.

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@alex.p, i understood the group method. Can you please explain me the popup method which you suggested with the help of some screenshots please

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and added a video explanation instead. :smile:

Hope that makes sense of it!

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@alex.p, first of all, thanks for the video :grinning: :grinning: . That solved my query but I had 2 new questions.

  1. How do you create a reusable element.
  2. Your app’s url is a bit different. Like my app’s url is something like myappname.bubbleapps.io but yours is app.yourappname.ca which is better. Like if you want to make your own website , you would not want to have .bubbleapps in the url name. How did you remove it from your app’s url?

Easiest way to create a reuseable element is to make on on a page then right click and the option pops up.

As for the email, go to your Bubble settings and click the tab that says “Domain/Email”

You will need a paid plan and to own a domain in order to do this. You’ll also need to go to your domain host and add Bubble to your DNS settings. There are forum posts about how to do this.

Thanks so much @alex.p

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