Ways to convert our web based Bubble app to a mobile web (not app) version

One of my users was complaining that using our Bubble app on her phone is a pain. I don’t blame her as I don’t have any mobile pages created as it’s strictly for desktop. There’s so many pages in our app and layouts that creating them all for mobile will be a major project. I’ve seen posts on here that are similar but they seem to refer to making a mobile app, vs just making it mobile web enabled.

Is it safe to assume that the only way to do this would be having myself or my developer just manually create mobile versions of all the pages?


You have to make the pages responsive. That is what the user needs to have happen. I have some videos about responsiveness that might help you. www.NoCodeMinute.com

Hope that helps! :blush:

Great thanks! Was hoping there’d be a one click way to convert them all and make them responsive, even though I know there’s no way that would ever possibly work without completely destroying the app lol. I’ll check out the site!

Yeah. Haha. :rofl: That would be nice. We aren’t there yet though.:confused: That’s for sure. You will see, it takes work. :sweat_smile:

Let us know if you need more help. :+1: