We built Friendtech in 24H as part of hackathon

As part of the bubble hackathon, we built a friendtech clone in 24 hours. Since there’s been some interest on how we did it, i’m planning to do a livestream Q&A this thurs at 3pm PST. Please feel free to join. It’s going to be on X/Twitter:


Also feel free to check out the app it’s called “Private Gallery” and it has all the core features of friendtech and is completely blockchain enabled. I also started to add some features for artists who want to use the rooms as private galleries for friends and patrons.

open to any feedback thanks!


or alternatively if you don’t want to log in to app (it does require a twitter authentication as this is a core part of friendtech’s onboarding that i wanted to recreate and stay true to), can check out the loom i submitted for the hackathon. Again, open to feedback!

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I can’t sign up / login (even with Twitter. Also FYI view more / fewer options doesn’t change options displayed.

thx for the feedback! weird, well the view options is a web3auth thing, and i only had 4 options for login but i added two more so you can see what it looks like when expanded (e.g. linkedin and discord).

So when you try to log in with google for example, it doesn’t redirect to the google auth page?

It does redirect and then brings me back and then still won’t recognize my credentials.

oh! shoot, ok let me take a look i was tweaking my login workflow and i think it’s probably a logic thing, give me one second.

ok yep, was a logic bug on my end. should work now hopefully!

Onto the next screen and the next bug. wallet wasn’t actually copied to clipboard and for some reason isn’t visible on screen. Def seems like this needs some serious QA before showcasing it
(and why would we need to get MATIC to demo it?)

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Thanks! there should be a toast that should fire when the wallet is copied but it’s a good point, i’ve added it as a displayed value now as well that you can click to manually copy to clipboard.

And test Matic is required as one goal of the demo is to replicate the full functionality of Friendtech including it’s smart contract calls. I could “mock” any purchase of keys but that would basically defeat the purpose. I could also incorporate some demo onramp workflows but i figured since there is a reliable faucet for polygon testnet, better to use that as it’s much fewer steps if it works correctly.

In friendtech their onboarding workflow requires the user to deposit currency into their account from another wallet to get started which i didn’t think was also conducive to a demo as most people wouldn’t know how/where to do that.

ultimately i want to figure out a way to abstract away the wallet stuff altogether by, for example, using some gasless strategies to basically “sponsor” the initial transactions but that’s a bit beyond the scope of a weekend hackathon.

time to clear the database and QA onboarding!

Not that I am a topic expert by any means, but I’d be careful with editing your hackathon app. Id just hate for you to be a finalist but be disqualified since edits were made after submission.

Unless this was asked somewhere and answered, I didn’t participate in the hackathon. Just read up on it. Good luck with launch though!

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def appreciate it. I think in this case, i’m ok with that risk as it’s really about the experience of building. I also don’t have any expectations on winning in any case lol. Just doing it cuz i want to see if it’s possible to build this thing and thought it would be fun. Thanks again though for the feedback!

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@code-escapee ok i’ve spent some more time QA’ing and cleaning up the onboarding. Also wanted to make the faucet page nicer. Cleared database so any weird things from prior testing should be cleared out.

here’s a clean run with a brand new account (and wallet). hopefully this is what others can experience next time they try. Appreciate it!

Whoo hoo! We got a hackathon award for “Pushing the Limits” at #bubblecon2023!

For anyone interested, here is a 90 minute in depth run down of how and why we cloned the friend.tech app in 24 hours.

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Congrats. Just curious whyyou keep saying 24 hours? Wasn’t it 48 hours?

Thanks! and thank you for your honest feedback on it. ha the 24h thing was self-inflicted, the hackathon was the weekend but i was jammed until the last day so basically built it the sunday of and submitted at like 1:58 am Honolulu time!


Guess I can eat my words haha.

Congratulations Andrew on the winning! Certainly is super cool.

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thanks @draked123 was a fun experience i would look forward to the next one although i am no spring chicken anymore so i’ll have to allocate my time a bit better lol

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