We need a bubble developer ASAP

Hello team,

we need to urgently create bubble app in this style either https://thelocalproject.com.au/ or https://www.uber.com/au

We have requested not long ago, but have no specific direction this time we do. It will be a scan authentication service plus a food label service two different business ideas. Let me know if anyone is excited to have a zoom call and work with us on these tw o projects.

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PM sent. Please check

HI @anon79734168

Pm sent with the details,

Please check and let me know


Hello @anon79734168

I left you a private message. I’ve attached a link to a similar app you’re planning to develop that combines the main features you’re looking for and more. You will also be able to judge the design, the scalability and the professionalism that I have shown. I am the one for you.

Hi @anon79734168
I am available for a call today and tomorrow.
Here’s my upwork you can either communicate there or forum. https://www.upwork.com/fl/~01a938fa834913f556

Hey Nelli, I sent an email the last time you were looking for a Bubble developer but just pushed it up. :blush:

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