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Web3.js ethereum bubble plugin

Bonjour everyone,

We are creating our own token on ERC20 Ethereum.
To create our ICO on bunk we plan to create a plugin based on web3.js

Anyone interested?

Would love to know your use case before we release anything :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing this custom/manually, and having trouble with how to compile the sol file in the browser.

I would love a web3 plugin that would allow me to create a dapp essentially, and be able to just upload a .sol file, compile it and deploy it. Then easily pluggable/interface to make calls to the smart contract.

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Thank you @JayM

I think we split the roadmap on this plugin into 2 parts:

  • plug / interface to smart contract from bubble
  • compiling / handling .sol with no code

We focus on the first one so we can release something quickly.
For the last part, there is that does the job even if it requires programming skills.

@JayM Are you using ERC20token aswell ?

I’m using ERC-721

Hey Stephane, is there any news on this matter?