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Website / Mobile App Developer Needed

Hello! I am looking for someone who can help me build a website and native-like mobile apps (IOS and Android) for an “on-demand services” business. The website/mobile apps are to connect service providers with clients. Bookings and payments through the apps. In-app messaging and push notifications (including email notifications) are needed. I have the UI design for the mobile app version. Would I be able to create these apps using Bubble? If yes and you’re interested, please let me know when would be a good time to schedule a meeting and go over the scope of the project, and the estimated timeline and cost.


Hi @sendtoranda. You can definitely get what you need built on Bubble io. We’ll be exited to help. DM me via [email protected] or through the contact form on our website You can check out the basic pricing on the website, too.

Hi @sendtoranda,

I would like assist I have 4+ years experience on this,
I have sent you the PM please have a look and get back to me.

looking forward for your reply

This is something that is well within my skill set and I would be interested in hearing more on what you are wanting done.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

Hi sendtoranda,

This is something I can help you with.

Please check the following links below, this is the latest app I built, the app uses, Stripe for payments, Postmarkapp for emails, and MessageBird for SMS.

Best regards,


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