Weight Loss Competition Web App - Need Help

I’m looking to pay a freelancer or Bubble expert to help develop a quick and dirty weight loss web app. This is a personal project and I don’t believe the level-of-effort should require more than a few hours of work (Please require below and let me know your feedback).

I have a few friends who have all made a meaningful weight loss bet and I want to create a simple web app that lets us collectively track our weight loss % over time. I want to provide the option of users inputing weight automatically through a FitBit Aria scale (FitBit Plugin) or through SMS (Twilio Plugin). This project will require some working knowledge of those Plugins and/or APIs.

I simply want to create a minimalistic web app where front end + backend just work and accomplish our simple goal of tracking weight over time. This will be a small number of private users. Please note, I’m not concerned with design or UI for this project.

Please see below for possible user flow (I’m fully open to ideas to make this easier / more efficient to create)

PM if you are up for the task and also let me know 1) how much you think this project will cost to build and complete? and 2) what is you timeline for completing the project?


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Please check your PM.