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Weird console error linked to oddly behaving conditionals


I am seeing a weird new error in my Console, after finding my conditionals behaving oddly. I have submitted a bug report, but it is outside Bubble’s operating hours. So I hope someone here can clear up the mystery. Maybe it is an issue I am causing.
This is what I see in the console:

I am seeing it on various pages in both the production and Development app, but not quite on all pages. I can’t say I’ve noticed it before today. I tried a different browser in case it is a cache issue, but no difference.

Estou com o mesmo problema no meu aplicativo, espero que resolvam logo isso =/

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The fix to the API calls fixed this issue. Makes sense as the affected pages all had API (SQL connector) calls.

ive had this error as well the past 2 days. Can you elaborate on the fix?

nm, looks like it is fixed here too.

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