Conditional Statements no Longer working

Conditional Statements no Longer working after bubble outage.

I am in need of help since the 9 minute outage of main clusters on January 8th 2024. This could be a coincidence but, I am no longer able to generate conditional statements. I tried on different web browsers and different PCs with different WANs. Can anyone else confirm this is NOT widespread?

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It seems to be working for me. The background color of the page is conditionally changing.


I cannot for the life of me get conditional statements to show up. In the systems defense, I may have reached the ceiling.

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I dont know. This is the core of bubble.

thank you for your help. I might have reached my page/ram 's limit. :joy:. I’ve been building out my companies inventory system on Bubble for the last 14 months and haven’t encountered anything like this.

Very unlikely…

Are you building your app as a single page app with millions of elements in the screen?
It is odd that, even in other computer, the issue persists.
If you want, you can MP me with your editor link. I can check from here if you want.

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thank you for the support. I am only now able to add / modify conditions. I think it was due to a slow down. Here’s hoping this continues. Again, this is the first time I’ve had an issue in over a year so not bad.

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