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Welcome to Bubble's Forum


This is the Forum for Bubble users. This space is yours. You can use it to ask product questions, submit ideas, discuss app ideas, request features, etc.

You can always reach out to us with specific questions at [email protected], but we’ll try to use this forum as a way to make information accessible to everyone.

If you want to replicate a situation you’d like the community too look into, feel free to add a page on the public forum app.

Have fun on Bubble!
The team


Hi all i am new here

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Welcome @qanddstairs

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Thanks :slight_smile:

yes i know how to make a cad

Ok can you add my discord

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Its TyTyler14#6062

Please know that this thread probably isn’t the place for this, you should of created a different thread. :smiley:


Im new to this thats y :weary:

No need to be sorry, just letting you know, it probably would have gotten you more attraction.

Also welcome to Bubble. :smiley:

Yeaa thanks man , im gettin use to it so probably wheb i start using it more iguess🤦🏾‍♂️

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Thanks , its pretty cool

HI all, just joined. Great to be here.

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Hello, good to be here :slight_smile:

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good in this platform


Hi guys, looks like a` thriving community!

I’m a` noob here and am keen to connect, share and build.

Right now I am looking for freelancers to build a hybrid app. Check out the post.

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hello guys

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