We're helping restaurants survive during COVID-19 and we're on PH today!

Hi Community!

We’re on Product Hunt today with a simple, but powerful app to help restaurants accept online orders and we’d be grateful for your support! Many restaurants are relying on carry-out orders to survive during the COVID-19 crisis but have no useful way to accept online orders and payments other than by phone.

Countless restaurants in small towns fall outside of the delivery zone for popular apps like Grubhub and UberEats, and even those that are inside the delivery zones often can’t afford their high fee’s. Primo (built entirely on bubble) offers them a lightweight online ordering tool that sends orders right to their phones and does it for a tiny fraction of the fee.

Some features include an orders-hub for managing order states and keeping customers updated, push notifications and text messaging, item promotions, and much more. Special thanks to @gaurav from BDK apps for enabling the framework and creating the IOS build on our behalf

Please help us grow awareness on PH today by supporting Primo!


The Primo Team.


Looks amazing congrats! :+1:


Thank you @ambroisedlg !

:clap: :clap: :clap:

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There is a typo on your image below. Congrats with your launch.

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Good catch, and thank you!

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Just upvoted on PH. Hugest congrats!


whos app is this? when you launch the livechat i looks to be @gregjohnkeegan

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Thanks for your support!

Hey @Bubbleboy, thanks for checking out the app! @gregjohnkeegan is the developer for the app and I must say he knocked it out of the park!! Really really proud of what he built!

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all good… congrats to you and @gregjohnkeegan great team work… I’m just nosy in an inquisitive and positive way. Very elegant … It must be very well designed call to action application… i Must say i’m feeling rather peckish


well played.

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Great looking app, worthwhile project. Too many restaurants are suffering and many don’t realize how the high fees by the delivery companies are actually hurting their bottom line. Well done ! Upvoted on PH.


I upvoted!


Thank you @jagdish_bajaj! You’ve pinpointed the very reason we built this app!

Thanks for your support on Product Hunt as well! Thanks to folks like you and the rest of the bubble community we’re flirting with getting into the top 10 products of the day which would be a huge win for us!

Many thanks!

I’m about to launch my app on the App Store this weekend. What was your process for generating your screenshots if you don’t mind me asking.

Hey @callidusxi

You’ll add your screenshots from App Store Connect. Apple gives you the correct dimensions needed.

My process was:

  1. Take screenshots of the most important parts of the app from my iPhone. I made sure the data was correct to make it attractive and relevant to Primo’s audience.

  2. I bought some mockup Photoshops files from Envato

  3. I edited the mockups with my screenshots. It’s just a copy and paste. Very easy.

  4. I extracted and enlarged a few sections of the screenshots to highlight certain features. I also added some custom backgrounds and text to the PSD’s using Primo’s brand colours.

  5. Exported and dropped into App Store Connect.

Thanks. The Envato mockup templates is the information I was looking for. Congrats on the PH buzz.

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