We're hiring Bubble Designers and Developers!

Hello folks,

We at parshva.io are hiring Bubble designers and/or developers again!

If you’re looking for an initially contract based work as a Bubble designer or developer or both, I’d love to hear from you!

Application is simple, simply reply to this post or send me a DM with the apps you’ve built on Bubble and I’ll get back to you to schedule a call or ask for more details like your rates, availability and more.

That’s it!


Only send projects you’ve done on Bubble. We’re not interested in other systems. Thanks!

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Due to timezone restrictions, please only apply if you’re from the US or India. Thanks!



  1. Please only apply if you fulfill the above updates and have worked on projects that are being used by real users. We’re not accepting internal tools, personal projects, etc…

  2. It’s a part-time/contract-based, we’re looking to engage for ~$50k yearly.


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Hi Rohan
I am Nikhil Jain
I have been bubbling for around 1.5 yearns now. Here’s the project I have made on bubble

Editor-Fest Up | Bubble Editor
I made this application for a Start Up name FestUp a few month ago currently they have taken a break due to lack of funds. But the applications did have around 2000 users when it was live you can take a look at the editor-View only Live version as well.
Thank you
Waiting to hear feedback from you

Hi i’m Olushola,

Here’s a link to my portfolio

Email [email protected]

Hello. I am I terrestres in working as a Bubble developer and UX/UI designer. Here is an app I have designed and built (work in progress):

Software engineer 1.5 years bubble experience
From Scratch

https://crm.ntsconnect.com/ (hamza5 … pass 123456789)

Here are my projects using canvas …

Zonalt.com (clients needed only few features so added according to his need though fully created by me )

API experience
i have good command on integrating api and api i integrated so far are google ads api , google oauth 2.0 , unsplash , sendGrid , postGrid , openai , and background check api