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What can cause this notification "Do you want to leave this site"?

Sometimes, when I close a tab from our app, I receive the following notification. Any idea what aspects of an app could cause this to appear?

I see this in ours when I started a workflow that takes a really long time to run, and I try to leave the page before the workflow has completed. I don’t see the loading bar on your image, though, so not sure that this is the same thing. Strange!

I thought the same thing. I’ve only seen this error when the loading bar at top has not fully traveled from left -> right and I attempt to leave the tab or window. I wouldn’t think this would be caused by a background workflow…

It’s interesting you ask this though, because sometimes I’d like to enable this kind of feature when a person is in the middle of creating a new Thing, although I’d like to have control over it within the editor.

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Curious if you were able to figure out how to enable the “Leave site” warning.

I have a simply drop down list and I’d like to at least warn the user when they hit the refresh button that the cart will reset.