What changes the 'modified date' for a record?

I have an app with a number of records in it. I added functionality to change the color of a text field for a record if the modified date is more than x number of days from today’s date. It works, but all of the records have a modified date within the last 2 days and I know all the records were not manually edited in that time.

However, I did export the databases via a workflow (download to CSV) 2 days ago.

So my question is: What actions (besides the obvious editing of a field in that record) change the modified date field for a record?

I beleive that any change to any field via workflow or manually or autobinding updates the modified date.

Exporting a record should not update a record’s modified date but be aware that some bubble users see wonky things with modified date and therefore, if they need a accurate modified date for a record, create their own modified date.