What happens to uninstalled paid plugins?

Hi All,

I’m new to Bubble.

When you uninstall a paid plugin are you able to reinstall it in a different app? Do you still own the licence to use the plugin if you uninstall? Where does the plugin in live in your user account?

Basically whats happened is I thought the plugin in was paid per user not paid per app. I purchased the plugin in the wrong app. I’d like to uninstall it from one app and reinstall it into a fresh app that will specifically use the plugin.


Hello Harry,

Thanks for posting! Subscriptions (including plugins) are handled on a per-app basis, so there’s no way to transfer a plugin subscription from one app to the other. However, if you reach out to our team at support@bubble.io, we may be able to assist.

Thanks @eve. Appreciate your help here. Will get in contact.