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What is the best PDF plugin according to you?

Everything is in the title :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a PDF plugin : I need to generate a pdf from a custom template, and insert dynamic data in it.

Could you please tell me what would be the best free plugin to do so ?

Thanks for your help.

pdf conjurer :grinning:

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I tried it but wasn’t able to set the original document…

:sweat: I can´t help u in this case, sorry

I don’t understand… You say this plugin is the best so I guess you tried it, didn’t you ?

Don’t you remember how to do the setup ? I had a look at the instructions but it doesn’t say how to setup the original pdf so I’m kind of stuck…

Are you sure you can’t help ? :slight_smile:


What exactly is your issue as I use this plugin for auditing on my website :slight_smile:


I installed the plugin and then ? What should I do ?
I want to generate pdf when clicking on a button.
But I need to replace data with user input.
I also need to tell bubble what is the original pdf.
I had a look at the doc but couldn’t figure out how it works.

Could you please help me get started ?
That would be great as I urgently need to have it work…

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For example the workflow in the doc starts with “Start PDFModel A” and I don’t have that available in my workflow…

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Ah! You need to place this as if it was an element, you should see this in the options like an input box? That’ll allow you to start using your Workflows.

See screenshot below for the things you should add to make a working PDF with a data table :slight_smile:

(click the picture if blurry)

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