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What is the best way to handle workflow errors?

Hi fellow Bubblers!

I’m an avid fan of Bubble but one of the things I struggle with is handling workflow errors.

Dealing with things like temporary bugs, or server too busy issues is a real pain in the butt, and really hinders the experience I can provide to the users of my app.

Some challenges I have is having multiple backend workflows that work in sequence, but not knowing when any one will fail and being able to re-process the data accordingly. I’ve built error handling for the most obvious cases, but I still get errors I can’t foresee and it’s not till many days later I’ll realise something is missing.

So I’d like to ask you all if there’s a recommended guide you’ve come across that deals with the best way to build workflows or if there are some hot tips to share on how to build workflows that are robust and can handle almost all types of errors, that won’t cause duplicate data or create forever loops in the system.

I’ve heard one way is to have something at the end of the workflow to trigger if the workflow was successful or not, but not sure how that works if I have 30 steps in my workflow and any one of them is at risk of hitting the errors mentioned above. How would you check that every step was successful, and if re-processing how do you skip all the steps that were successful and go straight to the steps that failed?

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Bumping this thread as I posted at a terrible time hence might have disappeared down in the list

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