đź“’ What is the best way to publish a list of objects to bubble?

Hmm, I took a look through the BDK plugin and am not sure “easy_lists” are the way to go. I could be wrong but I don’t see how to manipulate them to display price subtotals, aggregate quantities, total price, etc. @gaurav, any pointers?

All that said, I made a plugin that can update a cart stored as a cookie. It can add and remove items as well as calculate quantities, item subtotals and order totals - all in real time! (note: the item quantities shown on the app are only state driven… not reading from the cookie :frowning: )


The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get it to send these cart objects back into Bubble and saved as things. That would be a dream! Can @cal, or @sam8 or @peterj explain how this could be done (or whether it’s impossible as Vini has said)? I would Platonic love you forever :slight_smile:

And I’ll add, if this can’t be done, can you please advise as to the best way to create a shopping cart since creating them in Bubble is actually quite unintuitive. Many users share my pain. For example:

I can go on and on… here’s the pile of over 143 shopping cart related questions on our forum… The point is People use Bubble to sell stuff. There are 12 Stripe Plugins which collectively have been used over 24,300 times. And look at this list of top plugins by usage:

  • Ionic Elements - 47,655
  • API Connector - 42,286
  • Google Material Icons - 32,277
  • Toolbox - 31,794
  • Slidable Menu - 21,687
  • Random User Generator - 21,356
  • Multiselect Dropdown - 17,207
  • Stripe - 15,442
  • Draggable Elements - 14,454

Most of those plugins have to do with just making an app look pretty - visual sugar. Filter those out and the official Bubble Stripe plugin is effectively the number one used plugin on Bubble. Ergo “Selling stuff” isn’t just a use case of Bubble, it is the use case.

So for the love of Zues make making shopping carts easy!