What Kind Of App Bubble Allows To Build?

Hi Bubble Communauty,
I would like to know, using Bubble, what kind of app is built. It seems that there are 3 kinds of different apps:
-Web app
-Native App
-Hybrid App

Please let me know which one is built on Bubble?

Bubble builds web apps. If you want to make then mobile, you use a wrapper like GoNative or Phonegap. The resulting is a Hybrid mobile app.

It is not currently possible to build a native mobile app on bubble.


Thank you Andrew.
From your experience or from anyone else’s experience,
what is the impact on speed & bug management when using a wrapper?

How your experience can compare to what you can achieve while using a platform like Dropsource that allows to build a native app?

My concern, is that a wrapper can add a level of complexity which will make bug fixing way harder. Please confirm or destroy this concern.

Thank you very much in advance.

I’ll start off by saying I’ve spent the better part of my career helping Fortune 500 companies build high-performing, technically advanced software. From my perspective, I would personally never release a hybrid app. The limitations are pretty stark, and the performance difference is absolutely noticeable.

It’s actually probably easier to manage bugs if you use a Hybrid approach, since you’re managing one front-end, but the end-user experience is pretty noticeable in my opinion.

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Just to add to what @andrewgassen have said since you mentioned Dropsource.
Dropsource is for creating native front-end for your application. You will still need a backend to handle your data and application logic.
So you can use Dropsource for the front-end and bubble for the backend and they work together pretty nicely and you end up with a native app. As you will expect the experience is superior to creating a web app or hybrid app.
My only concern currently with Dropsource is that it is still in its early stages and is missing a lot of basic key features to create real world applications. Just to give you an example, you can’t currently even do basic calculations like addition (1+1) or even string concatenation (joining two texts). In all these basic functionalities you have to call some api to do it (e.g. maths.js). So at the end depending on your application requirement, even though you are getting a native application because you have to be making a lot of api calls it makes the application a bit slow and the user experience drops. But as i mentioned Dropsource is still in its early stages and hopefully in about a year it will be matured enough to have some of these key basic functionalities.
Having said this, depending on your application requirement if you’re lucky it will have most of the needed elements and features to pull it off.

In the long run i expect Dropsource + Bubble to be one of the best no-code approaches for creating native mobile apps (until Bubble comes up with its own native solution).


Than you very much @seanhoots Seanhoots for taking the time to write such a detailed answer, it does help me a lot.

Now I have a new question, is it possible to use Bubble for both backend and front end?
My goal is to launch a MVP* App to test the market.

In terms of Context: I have a small budget and want to double check the viability of my project by building a decent quality app but not a super fancy one. Also I’ve never took any coding classes and this will be my very first project. So far Bubble looks pretty difficult to me to make it happen, because it requires the understanding of coding logic & principles. Is there any other platform that you would recommend that might better fit my “coding” level?

*Minimal Viable Product

Thanks again,

Hi @anna.jcb.nyc

I think you will find any platform will require a learning curve and at least an understanding of logic > do this > then do this if this other thing happens. As its your first app it’s going to be a learning curve no matters which way you decide to go. There are many of us non coders here who have each had to learn from a zero base, but have made significant progress and it is as much a learning curve for them as it will be for you.

Bubble is a great platform to learn on and build your knowledge, even if you build a responsive web app in Bubble first.

The short answer is you can invest your time learning to use Bubble or Dropsource or pay a Bubble or Dropsource freelancer to build it for you.

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Hi Andrew,
How much work is required to turn a web app into a hybrid app using a wrapper such as Go Native or Phone Gap? Also will I need to code to do so?

Thank you very much in advance,

The paid services make it pretty easy. I think Zeroqode has an offering (pinging @levon) and he’s quite active on the forum. Maybe he can weigh in.

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thanks @andrewgassen
@anna.jcb.nyc indeed we have a solution for that, check out this page https://zeroqode.com/native for more information.

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

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