Whats the most efficient way to run workflows on 18 thousand things these days?

I’m on the legacy plan and been using recursive workflows and they push 100 thousand wu units.I use the work flow units to update stock inventory status etc. Anyone have any suggestions for getting these numbers down? I don’t use bulk recursive workflows yet.

@chris.williamson1996 the genius is your man!

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Running a workflow on a list is a lot less costly in WU than using a recursive workflow (and multiple times faster).

I thought people where having reliability issues with this? Has it improved?

It’s improved significantly over the years… but especially last year with the latest updates (although I’m not 100% certain those apply to apps on the legacy plans).

I’ve never had any issue (since the latest updates) running a workflow on lists up to about 40k items…

Above that… it gets a bit less reliable - although Bubble have said that after some more updates coming this year it should be good for up to a million (at least).