When are the conditions on the 'actions' in scheduled api workflows processed?

I understand that conditions on api workflows are processed when the workflow is triggered, not when it’s actually run, but are the conditions on the actions also processed at this time, or not until the workflow is run?

Have you an example that actions are processed even workflow condition isn’t trigger? In that case it will be a major bug to report.

No, it seemed to me that the action conditions were being processed when my workflow was triggered rather than when the workflow was actually run.

I may be wrong, though, so wanted to ask.

If you check the server logs, it will show step by step if this really happen (hopefully). I hope not! :slight_smile:

I can’t tell from the logs, but it seems to be happening. I could be wrong, though.


Can you replicate the problem and send a bug report?

It will be a fair amount of work to replicate, so I was going to wait for Emmanuel to weigh in first.

Sometime when is feasible, it’s faster to make a copy of your actual app, and then remove everything not important and keep the essential, so debugging is easier. But waiting can be a good strategy :slight_smile:

I was looking into this, and seen as though no one answered, if anyone else is wondering.

After a bit of testing it seems conditions on the actions are processed when the workflow is actually run, not when it is scheduled.

Following up on this, it does seem that api action conditions are processed when the workflow is triggered rather than it is actually run, which doesn’t make sense to me. @Bubble can you confirm this?

@philnauta Action properties are evaluated for conditions before a workflow is executed. If there is a specific issue you are running into due to this behavior, please share a test page.

Okay, I’ve changed my process to cancel the workflow instead of relying on conditions on the actions.