When conversion tracking pixel fires

If I have a conversion pixel in a hidden group within a popup, will it fire when the page loads, popup opens, or the group is shown?

What is a conversion pixel?

it’s a script that FB/Google uses to help target their ads better - I’m just wondering when that script will run if in a hidden group

I see. The code gets run whenever the element is drawn on the page, so usually on pageload (except some exceptions, like a repeating group).

Cool, I assume placing the code within a custom element popup wouldn’t be an exception?

Yes it’s the same mechanism.

I have hidden an html element containing the conversion tracking code and using an action when a button is selected i SHOW the hidden html element to signify to Google a conversion has been made.

For some reason i’m tracking every time the pop up opens regardless if the html element is hidden or not. Why is this happening? Is there a work around to fire the conversion pixel, maybe as an action?? Would be great to have this.