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When Repeating Group is Loading

My app Editor version provides Google Places in a Repeating Group below an Input.

While the results appear to load fine, sometimes there can be a delay / or the RG populates with random results before displaying the correct results.

For user experience, this can appear buggy, or makes the results look like they are frozen. I have placed a loading gif in the input, which is not visible on page load and set it’s condition as “When repeating group is loading… this image is visible”… but I’m guessing this is not as simple as that, as it’s not working.
I saw that there was also “Yes”/“No” options following “when RG is loading…” condition, and have tried messing around with them with no joy.

Could it be that I have to set the same condition of the loading gif, but somehow link it to when the results are being pulled from Google - that the gif is shown? Rather that the repeating group itself?

Also, while I am on the subject - there is an ugly line displayed under the input when the input is not focused / no results in the repeating group. I’m guessing this is from the borders around the repeating group. Is there anyway to hide these when no results are being displayed?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

You can check for the count of items, and if it equals zero, hide the repeating group (or change the border style)

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