When using Create an account for someone else they can login

when i create a account with Create an account for someone else they can login as they need a password but i cant set an password for them so, i have put Assign a temp password to a user in. but once they try to login they need to put in a password that they dont have. i have set
redirect users who havent changed their password to the page setpass. How to fix this.

When you assign a temp password to them, you need to share that password with them at some point in the process. I do this in the email you send that says, “Hey someone invited you to APP. Here is your temporary login information.”


ok thanks will try

it worked thanks

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Definitely, one way to do this is how @andrewgassen said.

But going a one-step deeper would be possible to build an on-press-link log-in.
After generating a temp-password you can encrypt-it and then send it on the website/URL.

Check this demo-app that I created, just add your email (or valid one) and you will see (you will receive a link on the email): https://wjklw.bubbleapps.io/version-test



how do i do that?

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