When you "do a search" on a "Do a search" with a ":first item" constraint and that item doesn't exist

I have a situation where i’m constraining an RG to show only items which its “list field” X contains “do a search for” constraint field Y = ABC :first item

In such a situation it seems that if ABC is not contained in any of those items, bubble will show ALL items, why?

I want in that case the RG to be empty, is there a better way to write the expression?

If ABC is empty, the search would be unconstrained, so it would return the first item. Worth thinking about …

If there are no matches, the search returns an empty list.

How are you doing this constraining? You haven’t shown enough of this step for us to help you.

You can put the data source in the condition tab. Only search for when that first item is not empty. I think it’s oh the roadmap to change this?

but this way, if its empty it will show all records, which is not what i want, i want an empty RG rather

No because it will only run the search of the first item in the queried list is not empty.

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